For those who have faith in their craft, failure is just a thing of the past - Dante DiBAttista

Author Dante DiBattista Talks About The Transformational College Experience

WASHINGTON (7News) — Dante DiBattista is an award-winning leadership coach, author, and inspirational speaker. Mr. DiBattista joined Good Morning Washington to talk about his new book, The Transformational College Experience, and why every college freshman, parent of incoming college students, and higher education professional should read it. Mr. DiBattista broke down the new value proposition […]

Brainz Magazine

Learn to do these 4 things and you will grow exponentially as a leader. These behaviors will increase your influence, drive company performance, and improve workplace culture. 1. Embrace change Change is a prerequisite for progress. Discomfort is necessary for growth. We hear these slogans or mantras constantly, yet organizations and institutions are steadfast on […]