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Dante DiBattista

Dante DiBattista is an award-winning leadership coach, and inspirational speaker. Leveraging his masters in organizational leadership, the findings from his own research, and over 7 years experience as a leadership and organizational development, Dante delivers transformational results for his clients.

He has learned from the best and brightest including leadership coaches from Google, psychology researchers from stanford, and other thought-leaders in thearea of human learning & development to generate powerful insights into the art and the science of leading others.

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Susan C.
Susan C.
Great gift for high school graduates! I’ve read the book and it is now my go to gift!
Dave M
Dave M
This is a must read! GREAT INVESTMENT This is a must read! The principals listed in the book not only relates to college, but it is also relevant in your personal and professional. It will ensure you make necessary adjustment to fulfill your life. Do not wait another minute, best investment you will make this year!
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright
A Must Read for Future College/University Students I received my copy of my former colleague book, The Transformational College Experience (available on Amazon).... Dante DiBattista. Although I have completed college a number of years ago, the book is a good read thus far. As I read it, I reflected on my years in college and beyond....I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about attending a college/university. We all have what it takes to be great and successful. It begins with developing the right mindset....Congratulations Mr. DiBattista for sharing your words of learned wisdom.....I love reading books by people I know....#positivemindset equals #growth and #success
K. Halverson
K. Halverson
Approachable, Insightful, and Applicable I bought this to give this to my nephew who will be going to college -- but as I glanced through it, I found myself reading larger and larger chunks, and then going back to the beginning to read the whole thing from the start...and I'm a 54 year old woman who graduated from college in 1991!DiBattista has skillfully managed the balancing act of making his story both a recognition of his earlier mistakes and a celebration of the life changes that brought him success in school and personally. This book is a great read for anyone interested in succeeding in college-- or in other aspects of their young lives. I look forward to hearing what my nephew will have to say after he reads it (hopefully he won't notice that the binding is a tad bit broken in!)
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Wonderful! Great book and super helpful for students entering a new experience into college! Definitely a #1 high school graduation gift!!